Christmas Eve

Take a moment to still your mind and imagine, if you will, cool crisp air all about you.  A night sky that is clear and full of stars.  You’re sitting in a pasture, watching over sheep, and there is nothing but darkness for miles and miles around you.

The world is exactly as it has always been.  There was no Christ- everyone who had come before turned out to be fake.

Bloodshed and oppression was the cycle the world knew.

As you sit in this cool dark night you can remember the stories you had been told; great empires of times past that had swept across the known world, devastating everyone who dared to surrender.  Babylonians, Persians, the Greeks of Alexander the Great, and now, the Romans.  With each one the spread of suffering, idolatry, and immorality seemed to spread further and further.

The thought crosses your mind, perhaps, that the only thing these great empires could not conquer was the depravity of mortal man’s heart!

The night is dark.

There is no savior.

Your only hope is to avoid the suffering and oppression rampant in the world and, perhaps if you are lucky, etch a little place in the world for yourself where you can be safe and comfortable for a few years before the end of your time comes.

This was the state of the world on the very first Christmas eve…

Who will bring the Light of hope to the world, so dark and cold?


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