Christmas Day

Christmas Eve, dark and cold- the night settled upon all the world- a time without hope.  That was the world on Christmas Eve- Christ-less.

A world without Christ is almost impossible for us to comprehend; our dearly-held Western values of charity, compassion, and mercy are gems overflowing from the treasure chest that Christ brought into the World as He humbled Himself before God, to do His work and obey His will.

And Lo, a Savior is born!  And just like that Light came rushing forth from the depths of darkness and shown brightly upon the hope of the world laying all bundled neatly in a manger.  Christmas day, all the Heavens rejoice as the Savior is born!

Light has come- the way has been made known and the glorious hidden mysteries have been made known in the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ!

What was hidden in times past has been freely revealed to all those who would come to Christ and follow Him!  This humble baby, born in Bethlehem, had no statehood or glory, but on Him rests all hope and pouring forth from Him, all life!

On that fateful day all the world changed, forever.  A little baby was born, a baby who would grow up and declare the Father’s Truth, saying; “Repent and believe, for the Kingdom of God is at hand…” (Luke 24:46-48).

So, upon this Christmas day, I say bring tidings to you, my fellow man, and blessings a plenty, for a Savior was born to us- a King of kings and Lord of lords- so come, all you who are heavy laden and seek rest for your souls!  Jesus Christ the King has come!  Offer your life to Him and He will give you His! 

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