Re-Opening As Bible Exposition Blog

After 7-years serving as a place for me to tackle all kinds of theological questions and thoughts, I closed last year because there really was no need for an online “general purpose” reflection of my thoughts anymore.

Perhaps more than anyone else, I benefited so much from writing on; I learned a lot about what I believed and why.

My original plan was to close and permanently move over to my Disqus Channel, which came with the added advantage of more community involvement, but the model is not conducive to genuine learning.  Users are less interested in learning and more interested in stating their opinions.

That kind of model is great for generating lots of discussion (and pointless arguments), but not so good if your goal is to edify the Body of Christ with sound Biblical exposition.

Therefore, is getting a rebirth as!

Please encourage your friends to visit and subscribe to our blog because the more brothers and sisters that we have here, the more fellowship in the word we will enoy!

Your feedback will really help me set the direction of this blog.

And please be patient as I am going to clean out some of the old posts from that don’t really fit our new format.  As soon as I’m done cleaning out the old, I will start posting the new!

Blog Mission

The mission of this blog is to proclaim the word of God so that believers can fellowship in the light of Christ’s testimony and truth.

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