Rebirth Status

We’re nearly finished re-launching our website as Bible Exposition Blog!

Our theme customizations are almost finished and I’ve weeded out much of the old content from our old website at and gone from over 300 posts down to 65!

Next on our immediate horizon we are launching two Bible studies:

  1. The Doctrine of Hell (6 posts)
  2. The Exposition of 1st John (105 Verses + Theological Reflections)

We want to tackle tough doctrines and build you guys up with the richness of God’s word, so we’re starting with a short examination of what the Bible teaches on Hell, and beginning an in-depth exposition of 1st John!

Then we will also be unrolling new features to enhance personal Bible study, strengthen community involvement, and provide a new discussion platform to help our community to take things deeper with other believers.

In the meantime, thanks for your support and I want to invite all our subscribers from to get involved and help us create a community centered on Bible Exposition!

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