Grand Opening of Bible Exposition Blog

Dedicated Faith was the online home for my personal investigation into the Christian faith, but last year these came to an end because I no longer needed such a place as dedicated faith.

While I intended to permanently shutter the website altogether, I discovered that I had another need in my spiritual life – a need that I think many of my brothers and sisters in Christ share: I need a place for my expositional studies that I can share with a community of believers who love God’s word like I do.

And so dedicated faith has been reborn as  with a mission to be the home of expositional study in God’s word for those who love studying God’s word in the unity of Christian fellowship!

So let me introduce you to some of the features and organizational tools for the Bible Exposition Blog:

Bible Exposition Blog TOP Menu

Our menu-bar gives you access to some of our study resources!

Confession of Faith

I know “Creeds” have fallen out of popularity, but I think they have their place in the life of the Church and we shouldn’t be so quick to abandon them because they help believers concisely express the core tenets of their faith and they can help the Church find common-ground on which we can stand in the unity of faith to work together with other faithful believers in “mission” and “community”.

So this page is my attempt to provide a concise modern confession of the Christian faith.

For more on why we shouldn’t be so quick to abandon Creeds, check out “No Creed But The Bible?

Bible Exposition Resources

Some of my studies are too detailed for short blog posts, so this menu gives you access to more detailed exegetical and expositional studies.

I have also designed class curriculum for the Book of Acts and discipleship coursework for 1st Timothy that are available in PDF form.

These resources will continue to grow as we add new studies, so subscribe and follow our blog to keep an eye out for anouncements when new resources are made available.

Disqus Blog

This page is an external link to our channel on the largest discussion platform in the world.  Our channel has just over 3,000 subscribers, so please come join us at Proclaiming the Word, where we gather Christians from around the world to discuss Biblical doctrine in a civil and respectful manner.

Donate and Support

This page is where you can learn about how you can help support my ministry as a full-time missionary pastor with community support, prayer, and the love offerings that God puts on your heart.

I have made a committment to do my work free-of-charge to the body because I don’t want anyone to give out of compulsion, but love.  Therefore I depend entirely on God leading brothers and sisters like you to give whatever he puts on their hearts.

Bible Exposition Blog SIDE Menu

You’ll notice several features on the right side of your page that you won’t want to overlook.


You’ll see a random selection of people who have liked, shared, or commented on any of our pages!  This is a great way for you to become part of our community and visit the blogs of those who have been part of our community.


Don’t forget to subscribe for email updates and follow for direct WordPress notifications!

Search Bible Exposition Blog

You can search our blog for topics or past posts.

Post Categories

Bible Exposition Blog is organized by categories so that you can sort blog posts by category and see an entire series at once!  This is the best way to penetrate the cyber-sands of time that bury blog posts deep in the past.

Most Viewed Posts

This grid shows you which posts have been most frequently viewed in the past week.

Most Liked Posts

This grid shows you which posts have been most liked by our Bible exposition community.


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