Sneak Peak: Romans in 2020

This sneak peak shows the progress my co-minister and I are making in laying out our Romans curriculum for 2020 (possibly into 2021 – Lord willing).

We’ve been having some great conversations over the last three weeks about the message of Romans and the many different issues that Paul touches on in Romans. I am awe-struck by the wisdom of God’s redemptive plan as he draws together complex and intricate aspects of human responsibility, grace, divine sovereignty and love into one powerful and effective gospel by which we must be saved!

Here’s a sneak peak at the preaching schedule that we have so far (subject to change, of course).


We will introduce each major discourse with an introduction week to examine the major flow and themes of Paul’s arguments.  So, for example, week six will introduce the major themes and ideas presented in Romans 1:18 – 3:20.  Then, week seven will zoom in and look at 1:18-25.

We owe a huge shout out to these resources for their introductions, outlines, rhetorical and literary analysis, and exegetical examinations that have been really helpful in preparing for this study:

  • Expositor’s Bible Commentary
  • A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary – Ben Witherington III
  • The InterVarsity Press Commentary – Grant Osborne
  • The College Press Commentary – Jack Cottrell
  • Randall House Commentary – Leroy Forlines

There is so much in the book of Romans that I can’t wait to dig into, but I think the gem that I’m most excited to dig out next year is “the revelation of God’s righteousness in Jesus Christ” that is so brilliantly displayed in Romans!

2 Replies to “Sneak Peak: Romans in 2020”

  1. your Almost there. It looks like you have an Open bible and looked at its preface.

    Imagine for a second, Paul might be a teacher and might have been educating new leaders and forming areas/diet requirements, for them to cover. Then he writes a letter to church. What might he divide his letter like.

    How about this.
    Doctrines about our salvation/faith/conversion.
    Doctines about who God is and the hope we have in heaven and promises.
    Doctrines about conduct, law, love and service.

    Three areas. Faith, Hope and Love. Three Doctrinal areas.

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    1. Thanks! We’re just enjoying the journey exploring God’s word!

      The outlines in some of the commentaries that I referenced were really beneficial in our study because we got to sit down and compare outlines, and then examine the key differences to find how we wanted to approach the book. So far, it has been really rewarding 😀

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