Speak Up: Proverbs 31:8

Proverbs 31:8 (CSB) — Speak up for those who have no voice…

I ask for your patience as you hear me out on something that’s weighing heavily on my heart, which I post in reluctance because I do not want to lay a stumbling block before anyone. But I feel compelled to share because I know there are people who cannot speak up for themselves in this climate, but who need our grace, understanding, and compassion.

First, let me acknowledge the voices that have cried out for justice on behalf of people like George Floyd whose senseless death has rightfully outraged so many. There is no excuse for what happened to him, and we need to always strive to tighten up our justice system to protect the innocent from the depraved minds and hearts of those individuals who would seek power to use for their evil purposes. But we must also speak up for those who have no voice, and our faithful law-officers have no voice right now because the national narrative is so fixated on the wrongs of a few that, in many cases, our ears cannot hear the sorrow, fears, and burdens of the good men and women who protect our lives everyday.

Officer Chavin’s condemnation is falling upon all police officers nation-wide. Our outrage, bitterness, and anger is driving us to say things and commit feats of evil that would otherwise be unimaginable. We’re tearing down police precincts, dismantling our justice system and law enforcement, and hearing calls for open retaliation against police officers. None of this is right and we would all protest if someone held us accountable for the sins committed by someone else. We will not right injustices with more injustice.

The voice of faithful police officers needs to be heard. These men and women still have to go into work to protect our lives knowing that in every call they respond to they face condemnation for someone else’s injustices.

To those of you faithful police officers who faithfully defend and carry out justice, protect innocent life, and defend the innocent, know that you have my love and my prayers. Your voice may not be heard by everyone right now, but there are people who care about you. May Christ protect you and strengthen you with great courage!

Please keep an eye out because I am currently working on an in-depth Bible study examining the Biblical doctrine of justice that I believe is so timely for our world right now. This Bible study is already 15 pages long and I expect well over 50 pages when I am finished. I will be including questions and issues from across the political spectrum that I have compiled from personal conversations as well as real online discussions with people from all walks of life. Right now is a really busy time for me and my family, but, I hope that I will have this study completed sometime before the end of June.

One Reply to “Speak Up: Proverbs 31:8”

  1. This needed to be said. I agree 💯% that nobody should be penalized for the crimes ( or dare I say sins) of another. We are all individuals and should be judged based on our character not the color of our skin, religion, gender or any other label that we put on each other. Jesus came once for ALL. Let us also remember that we have never looked into the eyes of someone who doesn’t matter to God.

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