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What’s been going on with my blog lately? Why have I been so inactive? Well, my family and I have been through so much transition and change over the last year and a half that I have just been too overwhelmed to give any time or energy to this website. But, my absence hasn’t been unproductive. In fact, I feel like my absence from writing has been more productive than any writing that I could have produced in the same period of time.

I should probably begin by sharing a little about what has been happening in my life so that everyone can understand where I’m coming from.

In 2020 we finished planting a healthy church abroad that genuinely loves Jesus and is actively engaged in the mission of God‘s kingdom; we love these brothers and sisters with all our heart, and feel honored to have been part of their journey. Even though it was excruciatingly painful to leave them, we discerned in the spirit that it was time to transition the work of the church there into the hands of those God had raised up to serve him in the local church. After much prayer and fasting, and in the middle of a pandemic, we returned to the United States to begin a new work with a church in upstate New York. We were immersed in the grace and leading of God as we were able to cross borders that were shutting down, leave cities that were being strangled in oppressive new “security laws”, and return home safely despite different various health challenges that both my wife and I faced. So, we have been focused primarily on adjusting to life in America and integrating into our new church family.

My inactivity online has given me time to think about my place in the online world. What do I have to offer the body of Christ? What grace has God given me to administer to his precious children?

One of the thoughts that has plagued my mind is how much online activity seems to amount to nothing more than “noise“. I have written some about my concerns before in a short series about social media, but I want to do more than I have been doing. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I don’t want to just create content for the sake of creating content. And I don’t want my work to simply be another redundancy. I want my work to mean something.

For this reason, I spent time last year praying, fasting, and seeking God for vision and direction. I feel like I have fresh direction that more accurately reflects my calling. I want to give simple answers to real questions from biblical truths that captivate people with the worthiness of Christ and inspires his disciples to worshipfully express their lives in the holiness of love. This reflects my calling and makes it appropriate to change the name of this website to “Biblical Reasons“. I want to prioritize quality over quantity, and diversify the media format of my work. I want to start creating more creative video content.

Keep an eye out for upcoming YouTube and Odysee channels where you can follow my video content, as well as Facebook and Minds social media pages.

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