Bible Exposition Resources


We are excited to offer a variety of exegetical studies, resources, and Bible training courses designed on the mission field for the purpose of equipping the body in the Word of God.


This study examines the Biblical evidence for the divinity of Christ:

This study examines the Biblical doctrine of holiness and its necessary expression of love:

This study examines the Lord’s Supper to understand the meaning and reason for observing this holy meal together:

This study examines Jesus’ use of the phrase “I am coming quickly” in the book of Revelation:

This study examines Paul’s first letter to Timothy with intense focus on interpreting Scripture with Scripture.

This study examines the Book of Acts to understand the major themes, characters, and events as the foundation of the Church was being laid:

This guide gives step-by-step instructions to preparing sermons in the presence of God:

These resources are provided freely to help spiritually equip the body of Christ.


If you have benefited by these resources, please consider supporting my ministry to help physically equip me to continue my work.


May the grace and peace of Christ abound to you!

7 Replies to “Bible Exposition Resources”

  1. Hi Preacher,

    This is disqus user nuwspI5417 from discussions on your disqus channel.
    There have been some trolling or stalking issues, I think, on the disqus platform against my account there.
    A moderator on one of the other disqus discussion boards took a look at some things a couple days ago and did some banning of some highly suspicious account activity in their channel. I do not know if that had any effect on some of the strange things that seem to occur against my account sometimes.

    All that to say, I am not sure how all that disqus security works, or if it works.
    So, regarding your invitation and request for my email, can you pull it out of this comment, or if not, is there a way to work something through a possibly more secure way in here?
    Disqus is the only thing close to “social media” that I use, so we may be really limited.

    God’s blessings,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jim! I completely understand about Disqus. The drama you’ve mentioned is why I moderate my channel so heavily. I don’t welcome that kind of activity there.

      Here’s the safest way to do this:

      Email me from your email at this address:

      That is a temporary throwaway email address that will expire in 47 hours. I will receive your email, and then I will email you from my real email account.

      Message me on here when you’ve replied. And then I will message you when I’ve responded to you from my real email address.


      1. Thank you, brother! I received your response and have replied. Hopefully tomorrow morning I’ll be able to send a more detailed message! Grace and peace, brother!


    1. Hi Erica,

      Thank you for your blessings! I wanted to invite you to come back and check out our site because we are re-launching as Bible Exposition Blog.

      God bless!


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