Asbury Revival?

A lot of people are talking about "the Asbury revival" right now. Here's something important we need to understand about how God moves!

Gym Creeps?

So everyone is talking about this new social media trend of women complaining about men creeping on them while they're working out in the gym. But as much as the sages of this age are reasoning amongst themselves about what is "right" and "wrong", there's no moral authority apart from God and no light for life apart from his word. So what has God said about this?

A (Negative) Christian Review of “Terror On The Prairie”

I just finished watching / listening to (most of) Daily Wire's "Terror on the Prairie". So I want to do a movie-review, even though that's not what this page is primarily about, because I think this movie raises several issues that Christians need to think through. So, in this review, I'm going to engage with what I think are the main spiritual issues that need our consideration.

Christians on Social Media

How can Christians navigate the complexities of the online world as children of light? This question might feel overwhelming at times, but the Holy Spirit speaks wisdom through Scripture to enable Christians to be the living testimony of Christ online. So let's take a look together.