Almost Beyond Control

"Whenever you find a man of God, you will also find an overwhelming passion for God that is almost beyond control" ~ A.W. Tozer "Almost beyond control": the Christian's passion for God should never be under the control of the flesh, so that it is subjugated to the will of the flesh, nor is such …

The Gospel of Peace

Christians adopt the same attitude as that of Christ, who did not come with a sword to crush the unjust, but became a man of sorrows to overcome sin's tyranny. This, not by war, but by peace, is how Christians overcome injustice.

Greed and Debt: the American Way

omething has been bothering me for decades. Something that I think is at the very heart of our problems. But as serious as this problem is, no one is really talking about it. And this is very surprising to me because the Bible says a lot about this subject: "greed". You read that right. We have a serious "greed" problem in America.

Peacemakers in the World of Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed

We're living in a world of increasing hostility and division. People feel threatened by those who choose not to get vaccinated because they see their choice as being reckless and cavalier with other people's lives. And they're frustrated because they feel that the unvaccinated are prolonging the pain of the pandemic. Others see the coercive force being implemented to pressure people into getting vaccinated as threatening the foundations of our civil freedoms. And they feel threatened by the potential dangers of the vaccine given questions about its long-term health impacts. As Christians we find that it is through the chaos of all these questions and doubts that we are called to become peacemakers!

Why Simple Answers?

Life moves at dizzying speeds. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up. We are constantly confronted with a deluge of ideas and demands competing for our attention. We may find ourselves wanting to go one way but believing that we should go another. Sometimes we even find completely opposite ideas equally compelling! Simplicity. When …

Four Principles For Spiritual Combat: Exposition of Matthew 4:1-4 OPENING TEXTUAL NOTES You will notice as we get into Matthew’s gospel that one of his literary formulas is the word “Then” (GK τότε) This word is frequently used to progress the narrative forward by connecting the preceding account to what follows. “Then” opens the first two temptations and is duplicated in the third …