The Doctrine of Peace: What’s At Stake?

I wrote this post as the first post in a series that will present what has been the consistent burden on my soul for the last four years. I am setting out to offer what I believe is the fiery logic of the cross that stands in stark contrast to the reasoning of the world. And I believe this is the way to which every Christian is called without exception. We must recover in our generation these doctrines of peace!

Christians on Social Media

How can Christians navigate the complexities of the online world as children of light? This question might feel overwhelming at times, but the Holy Spirit speaks wisdom through Scripture to enable Christians to be the living testimony of Christ online. So let's take a look together.

Should Christians Preach Moral Imperatives? Dr. Michael Kruger Answers

One of the human doctrines that I encounter the most as a pastor is the decree that "preaching moral imperatives is un-Christian" and "Christian preachers must only preach the gospel". I call this a human doctrine because it is nowhere stated within the Biblical canon, nor is it anywhere ever exampled in Scripture, either by …