Religion That Offends God

God is offended by the kind of religion that makes room for both "the world" and "Christ"; he does not accept the prayers of those who continue in iniquity.

Instead, God gives us greater grace in Christ so that we can cleanse our hands, purify our hearts, and humbly draw near to him through Christ.

Gospel Love

"Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the Good News of God. 'The time has come,' He said. 'The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the Good News!'" Mark 1:14-15 Our good news is the Kingdom of God: the Kingdom invitation is “Repent and believe the good news!”   In fact, this message of repentance …


The Storm

IN HIM WE HAVE REDEMPTION These are the words that changed the universe forever: “It is finished” With extreme specificity and comprehensive thoroughness, Jesus came and accomplished the will of God on earth to perfection.  This purpose is so powerfully articulated by Paul's words, “He emptied himself of all power and took on the form of …